Child Talk – How Do I Get My Child to Talk?

It is easy to think that children’s speech, language and communication develop no matter what.

But this isn’t true. Children don’t learn to talk by accident. According to researchers, parental interaction in supporting pre-literacy development is an important way of enhancing children’s language development.

Adults play a really important role in nurturing and supporting these skills. The way we talk to our children has a significant impact on their learning and ability to listen to us. Adults are role model for children on how they act and behave. The way we speak to them and others is showing them how we want them to respond to us.

Here are some tips to support children’s communication skills:

TALK to Your Child!

Take time to spend with your child.

Set aside time each day to talk to your child on the things that your child is interested in. You can also bring your child to places he or she likes.

If your child says, “I go library”, say to your child ‘I am going to the library (with you too).’

Allow your child to interact with you.

Use comments and prompt your child to keep the conversation going.

If your child is drawing a cat, say to your child, ‘That looks awesome. I love the cat!’ They can then respond with more words.

Listen to their responses to you.

If your child doesn’t get it quite right the first time, don’t say “that’s wrong”; help your child to say the right words or sentences the proper way.

Keep exploring words with your child. Talk about new words when your child comes across one.

When doing an activity, always recap the activity after you have done it. This helps to develop children’s ability to understand and say the words involved in the activity.

Expand what your child is saying. If your child says “want apple”, say to your child “Can I have an apple please?”

Engage Your Child in Both Meaningful and Nonsensical Conversations

Enjoy the conversation with your child as children learn from conversing with adults as much as with their friends and teachers. Conversation can be both serious or playful.

Comment on your child’s play using simple language, Teach your child to follow simple instructions.

Create memories most importantly, HAVE FUN!

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