It Might Be An Apple by Shinsuke Yoshitake – Children’s Book Reccomendation #4

The story begins with an ordinary boy and an ordinary red apple on the table. It then follows the child’s humorous, enthusiastically imaginative train of thought through all the things an apple might be if it is not, in fact, an apple.

It might be an apple shinsuke yoshitake

Distrusting the apple’s physical appearance, the possibilities of what it may be, if it is not an apple, are just endless. It is huge fun to read this book with the children.

reading it might be an apple

The Dramatic Plot

A boy comes home from his school and sees an apple on the table. The story goes progressively when the boy thinks that it MAY NOT be an apple at all. So what is it? Maybe it’s a planet from outer space with tiny aliens on board? Perhaps it wants a cool hairstyle? Does it feel scared, or snore at night? Speculations continue through to a climax that the apple may be a trap, a secret signal or may even turn him into a giant.

giant red apple

The story concludes with the boy eating the apple. Guess what happens after that?

Different Types of Possibilities

The author explores perspectives in extending the possibilities, maybe it is a read fish which curl up into a ball or half apple and half orange depending on where you look at it from. He also inspires the readers to imagine if perhaps there is something inside the apple, like machineries, jellies or babies.

red apple be a fishmachinery apple

It also can be things that can grow, perhaps like a quirky apple house that grows bigger as he waters it. It can also imaginably be something living with feelings, wishes, and needs.

red apple house red apple planet

The Presentation of the Story

It is fascinating when there are different ways of presenting the ideas in this one storybook. “It Might be an Apple” uses comic strips, mind-map, journaling and listing beside the normal way of positioning the text and illustration.

comic apple it may be an apple journaling apple

The sentences are presented in straight horizontal lines, curvy lines and even circles.

circle text apple


Happy Reading,


Capella Preschool Team