Happy Dreamer by Peter H. Reynolds – Children’s Book Recommendation #3

Reading this book is like getting a reminder to unleash our dreams and inspire imaginations. To dream is to think and to create. It is okay to be a dreamer, voice it out and impact the world!

Happy Dreamer also highlights individuality. We can be a different type of dreamers, dreaming of different sorts of things and that is OK!

The story started with this boy feeling discouraged as he was constantly told to sit still, be quiet, pay attention and focus. Despite being told so, nobody could “box” his mind… his dreams.

When the mind takes flight, he transforms it into different dreams of shapes and sizes. It encourages dreamers to dream in their quiet ways, their loud ways, and their imaginative ways.


Read this book with the children and encourage them to share their dreams with us. Let them shine, soar and celebrate all the different ways we think, learn, read, write, dream, and create. No dream is a bad one so what kind of dreamer are you?

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Happy Dreaming,

Capella Preschool Team